Thursday, February 21, 2013


I remember the first time I heard the song 'Seventeen Years' by RATATAT.  It was while I was living with Renee and Nathan.  Nathan had a record player and the new vinyl album.

The song begins with "I've been rapping for about seventeen years ok..."  Back then, the song just made me want to DANCE!!!

Have you ever put a song on when no one is at home, cranked it up loud and just danced?

Inspired by Lissy's comments from last weeks blog and Hannah's favourite book 'Dancing with Cats'  (see below),  this week I felt I could step up my 'home-alone-dancing' and INCLUDE Richard.

I wanted to become a 'home-alone-rocking-out-with-a-cat-dancer'.  But.... did Richard share my dream?

The short answer is: NO.  I discovered that this cat doesn't have a dancing bone in her body.

Despite Richard's lack of enthusiasm for the project, I managed to get a few shots of me living the 'home-alone-rocking-out-with-a-cat' dream (artistic licence may have been used).

"Crouching cat hidden something"

"Cat  surprise!!"

"Crazy cat lady"

More awkward dance moves to be found here...

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