Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CAT attire

Unpacking a few things this week I discovered some treasures.  Namely - these amazing cat earrings:

That same day I decided to wear one of my favourite t-shirts with said earrings...

Not so classy, but the common theme pulled the outfit together.

So then I started to think about how a REAL Cat Lady should dress. 
Is it appropriate, as Dal and Lissy suggest, to don a cat unitard?

As a new Cat Lady, am I staring down the barrel of a lifetime of bathrobes and pantyhose?

Like with all other questions of import, I went to the internet for answers and this time was sorely disappointed.

I searched for:

"What would a cat lady wear?"
"Cat attire for people"
"Cat apparel"

The best I got were websites trying to sell t-shirts with cats on them.

Etsy and Frankie had some cute cat accessories and clothes.

But let's be honest.  Do you think a REAL Cat Lady would ever wear this dress?

I didn't think so.  (Not at least without some pantyhose).

I didn't have any hopes of getting to the bottom of my cat attire question until I discovered this video:

Question answered!  Real cat ladies wear RED LIPSTICK!

Did you notice how clean her bathrobe was? and that headpiece... very classy.

What a relief.  Thank you Youtube.

It seems that REAL Cat Ladies dress for comfort AND style...

                       ...unitard NOT excluded.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I remember the first time I heard the song 'Seventeen Years' by RATATAT.  It was while I was living with Renee and Nathan.  Nathan had a record player and the new vinyl album.

The song begins with "I've been rapping for about seventeen years ok..."  Back then, the song just made me want to DANCE!!!

Have you ever put a song on when no one is at home, cranked it up loud and just danced?

Inspired by Lissy's comments from last weeks blog and Hannah's favourite book 'Dancing with Cats'  (see below),  this week I felt I could step up my 'home-alone-dancing' and INCLUDE Richard.

I wanted to become a 'home-alone-rocking-out-with-a-cat-dancer'.  But.... did Richard share my dream?

The short answer is: NO.  I discovered that this cat doesn't have a dancing bone in her body.

Despite Richard's lack of enthusiasm for the project, I managed to get a few shots of me living the 'home-alone-rocking-out-with-a-cat' dream (artistic licence may have been used).

"Crouching cat hidden something"

"Cat  surprise!!"

"Crazy cat lady"

More awkward dance moves to be found here...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Due to popular demand...

It was all a bit of a joke really.

I have a new housemate.  Her name is Richard and she's a cat.  Well, her name is really Charlie, but the first few days I couldn't remember her name so Charlie became Richard.  I haven't really had a lot to do with cats before, but being here in this new house with Richard has got me thinking...

Have I become a CAT LADY???

Let's go through the criteria:

1.  Must be single (possibly not ready to mingle)


2. Must live with a cat (not mandatory to own it)


3. Generally must never have plans for Friday night


4. Must be a little crazy/random/socially awkward


So looks like I score highly on the lady cat-o-meter
Obviously the facts don't lie.  But is it all bad?  Being a cat lady?

  You decide...